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Komi Republic Vision Correction Center

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Komi Republic Vision Correction Center (state autonomous health care institution)


The Komi Republic Vision Correction Center has been operating since1985. In 1986, Academician SvyatoslavN. Fyodorov performed operations in the vision correction center, which is a unique health care institution providing emergency and routine eye care to both adults and children. 

Our Vision Correction Center provides a wide range of ophthalmologic  services. You can get a comprehensive check-up followed by an optimal treatment course prescribed by our experts. The Centeriswell equipped for physiotherapy and diagnostics, and the in-patient department has all the resources required for surgical services.


  • visometry (by means of computerized and subjective methods),
  • examination of the anterior segment of the eye,
  • intraocular pressure measurement,
  • fundoscopy,
  • lens fitting.

Computer perimetry, ultrasonic ophthalmoscanning, fundus topography, tonography, chromatic sensitivity tests, gonioscopy and retinoscopy are also performed, if required. Based on the examination findings our doctors determine your diagnosis and prescribe optimal treatment – conservative prevention, physiotherapy, or surgical treatment.


  • surgery in case of eye burn or injury,
  • intraocular lens (IOL) implantation,
  • correction of pupil distortion caused by injury,
  • cataract surgery with IOL,
  • anti-glaucoma surgeries,
  • retinal detachment surgery,
  • keratoplasty,
  • scleral reinforcement in case of progressive myopia.


The institution is licensed to provide high-tech care. Over 60 thousand operations have been performed in 34 years, with the complication level being as low as less than 1 percent. New surgical services are introduced each year, and in 2019 we started performing vitreoretinal operations – surgeries of the highest complexity level.

The Center is equipped with up-to-date medical equipment: surgical miscroscopes by Zeiss and Moller-Wedel (Germany), phacoemulsifiers by Alcon (Constellation, USA), Dorc (Netherlands), and Nidek (Japan), laser for the anterior segment of the eye by Supra and Quantel Medical (France), aftercataract laser, cutting-edge optical coherence tomography by Optovue (USA). Modern materials, Many scalpels (Japan), and Alcon intraocular lenses (USA) are used for treatment.


The health care institution employs the best in its profession – 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2018 winners of the Komi Republic contest for the best ophthalmologist. 4 doctors have the highest qualification grade in ophthalmology.

The main objective of the Center is to ensure high-quality and efficient treatment of all patients, and individual approach in each case. We apply all available national and international practices in ophthalmologic treatment.


Our contacts details:


1B Kosmonavtov prospect, 169300 Ukhta, Komi Republic

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Secretary:  +7 8216 76-67-66

Registration office:  +7 8216 76-67-76

Get an appointment for a consultation or operation by:  +7 8216 72-38-03










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